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Hayes Dental offers a broad range of dental treatments.


Our Services

PREVENTION (Check-up & Oral Hygiene)
oral hygiene

Prevention is better than cure. Regular check-ups ensure early detection of problem areas. Routine cleanings and fluoride applications are of utmost importance to prevent tooth decay. A cleaning includes the removal of stains, dental plaque and calculus (those stubborn plaque you can’t remove yourself) that if left untreated, can cause cavities and gum disease.


One of our passions at Hayes Dental is to make every child feel comfortable. It is never too early or too late to bring your young one to the dentist. The sooner the better. It is important to get used to the dental office (faces, instruments and sounds) before pain occurs to ensure a calm and peaceful visit, if and when fillings/extractions are needed.

Preventative treatment in children is of utmost importance. We offer fun visits that includes a polish (cleaning of teeth), fluoride application (to keep the teeth strong) and dental sealants (a protective layer if necessary). We strive to make a dental visit a pleasant and a cheerful one.

RESTORATIVE (Fillings & Crowns)

Fillings are mostly placed when you have a cavity or chipped tooth to restore your tooth to its natural shape and to prevent further decay/pain. In more severe cases a tooth can be capped/crowned.

ENDODONTICS (Root canals)

Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth’s nerve is damaged/died, this can be due to decay or trauma. The procedure involves the removal of the nerve, bacteria and infected tooth structure and restoring the tooth.

EXTRACTIONS (Tooth removal)

Extractions/pulling of teeth are done for a variety of reasons but mostly for severely damaged teeth or wisdom teeth. However when wisdom teeth are in a compromised position (close to important structures) we will refer to a specialist.

REPLACING MISSING TEETH (Implants, Bridges, Dentures)

A denture is a removable appliance replacing missing teeth. There is a variety available, ranging from a complete set of teeth to just replacing one tooth. They are also available in plastic, metal or a new flexible type.

Bridges can be used as an alternative to dentures/implants to replace a missing tooth. It involves the crowning of the two teeth next to the missing tooth, with an artificial tooth in the middle as one structure.

Implants are an alternative to bridges/dentures to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. It involves screws being placed in the jaw by a specialist, where after crowns or dentures can be placed on them.

We work together with specialists that place the screws/implants. After healing, we will fit a crown/denture onto the implant.

COSMETICS (Veneers, Whitening, Anti-Aging, Clear Aligners)

Teeth Whitening: Veneers can be placed to restore a tooth’s natural shape or can be used to improve the appearance of skew or discoloured teeth. We offer both In-office bleaching and Home bleaching kits, however a consultation is required to ensure the right treatment for you (not all teeth can be bleached).

Anti-ageing injections: Botulinum toxin injections can be given not only to slow down the ageing process but also to relieve muscle pain in the jaw, caused by clenching.

Clear aligners: Clear aligners (transparent orthodontic appliances) can be used to straighten slightly misaligned teeth in selective cases.

PROTECTION (Mouthguard & Nightguard)

A mouthguard is a protective device mostly used in contact sports to prevent injury to the teeth, lips and gums. It also help prevents concussions.

A nightguard/ bite plate is mostly given to those who grind their teeth or clench. It is a thin guard placed over the teeth to relax the muscles and protect your teeth from wearing down. Should you seek an alternative, botulinum injections can also be administered to relax the muscle.


Don’t want to be awake for your procedure?
We offer in-office sedation or in theatre treatment.